„Leto“, named after the Greek goddess,
is a contemporary fashion and ​accessory 

Founded in 2015 by Nicolas Miller and
​Hin-Phu Tran,"Leto" the shop, is located
in the Kastro, the heart of the old town
of Parikia in Paros, Greece.

There you will find a unique collection
of clothes for men and women, along with 
​carefully selected and 
unusual accessories. All our fabrics are linens, cottons and
silks and are produced in very small quantities exclusively for you, with an eye on ethical practice.

Our philosophy is a cool summer look
that is effortless and elegant, where feeling comfortable in the hot days ​and sultry evenings goes hand in hand with an air
of nonchalant style.
Shapes are fluid
and relaxed. Colours are fresh and vibrant. 

Known for easy simplicity and high
quality, „Leto“, like the goddess herself,
​is synonymous for ​“hidden beauty“.